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Hi all, is there a way to create 'headers' or 'sections' within a folder that contains a lot of subfolders?

I guess could create a smaller number of folders and group the long list of folders like that, but the problem then is that flat view opens all subfolders, when I'd only want to see one level down flat view.

ideally looking to have something like a horizontal bar instead of creating additional subfolders to create some separation between groups of folders.

Expandable Folders may be what you want, if you're after something like Flat View but only expanding some folders and not others: Directory Opus 13 - Highlights - Page 2 [Directory Opus Manual]

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Thank you for your consistently prompt responses!

How do you set a folder to be expandable?
And while at it where is the 'automatic format' setting to automatically remember changes to how folders are displayed?

Are you using Opus 12 or 13?

Ah .. thought I had latest but it is Opus 12

See the message pinned to the top of the forum: :slight_smile:

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Grouped sorting is actually exactly what I am looking for - if I can customise the logic which is used to group folders?

Tried doing by grouping based on tags, but doesn't seem to work.

something like

The new V13 beta has something called Evaluator Groups (under File Display Columns) that allows custom groups written using Evaluator code. see Evaluator [Directory Opus Manual] (dopus.com)

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