HEIC convert to JPG: Lost meta


I convert image from HEIC to JPG. I found that Camera information lost.

Any ideas to fix this problem?

  • use different conversion settings
  • use a different conversion tool
  • use ExifTool to copy metadata

HEIC support is very basic at the moment, compared to other image formats. If you need camera metadata/preservation, Lxp's advice of using a different tool for the conversion is probably best, at least for now.

(You can create an Opus button to run the other tool from within Opus, of course. That is, assuming you can find a suitable tool. I just tried using Photoshop to see what kind of metedata it could show for HEIC files, and it could not even open most of my test HEIC files.)

I'm using this for conversion, keeps the EXIF metadata too.

We would certainly appreciate more support being added as the file format fools many users who have no idea their phone is not compatible with the rest of the world...