Helge Brede

Helge Brede

I love this setup.

How can I get a copy of this setup?

Sorry for not looking into this forum too often, but here I am finally.
I can maybe mail you a copy of my setup?, dunno how easy it can be but we might give it a try. If you're intrested contact me on helgebre@broadpark.no
Anyway, I loved the simple look on Dopus4 on Amiga, And wanted to recreate that on my pc, Dunno what I should have done without dopus
on pc, as only Dopus makes a computer usable for me :slight_smile:
The buttons I have made with Xara webstyle, but I guess any other utility
can be used just you know what you want/how to make some...
I just saved each button as .jpg files, and added them as Images instead of the Ordinary text on the buttons, Every button Is specifically set up for my
My buttons have 2-3 functions on each.
The first group of buttons is directing me to my drives like hdd, dvd, photo reader, the secound one some useful functions like copy, move, etc, the
third one makes me go to some specific locations on my hdds wich I use often (saves me some clicking to find)
And last group with useful function like switching on/off the pane.
I like the simple, and yet wery userfriendly look, wich make my usage a lot faster to find/do what I want on my computer.
All the best from Helge Brede

I'm new to Opus so I don't have a clue as to how to create something like you have shown here, but I really liked your layout.

Just a compliment to you.

Dayton, Ohio