Help find some settings

I'm about to pull the trigger and place my order, however, there are a few things I would like to have explained. The first is when moving/copying files, how do I change the dialog box focus automatically minimize when I click elsewhere on the screen? Is it possible to have all move/copy operations use the queue? I.E. copy from Drive C to drive D and Drive E to NAS with E to NAS being paused. If not, can that be added as future feature? Lastly, is there a setting that auto-refreshes evrything without having to hit the refresh button? Thanks for any help. Look forward to switching from X2 :thumbsup:

Preferences / File Operations / Progress Indicators / Minimize progress indicators

If you change the command to Copy QUEUE=MyQueue it will always queue to "MyQueue" no matter what, instead of the automatic queuing based on destination it does by default.

Opus 12 (which you can try now in beta, and will get for free if you buy Opus 11 now) also provides a way for scripts to decide the queue, so you could have a very simple script which made it so every copy command used the same queue. On Opus 11, you'd need to edit the toolbar Copy and Move buttons (if you use them), and the drag & drop events (if you use them; Settings > File Types), and the Ctrl-V hotkey (if you copy files that way; Clipboard PASTE COPYQUEUE=MyQueue).

You should not have to manually refresh, assuming the thing at the other end (e.g. a NAS server) reports change events correctly. See here to troubleshoot.

Thanks very much. That helps. Do you also handle purchase problems?

Please use the sales@... address on our contacts page for sales questions.

OK, I'll do that. Back to the progress indicators...what I'm looking for is being able to just click anywhere on the screen to minimize the box.

You can't do that. You can make the progress window start out minimised (optionally with a little box at the bottom of the lister to track progress). If the progress window is visible, you have to click the normal minimise button to minimise it; it will not minimise just by losing focus.

OK, thanks.