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Help in Sync

Hello there,

First post here so be gentle please!!! :laughing:

I'm currently evaluating dopus 9 at work. I do a lot of file transfer between computers and Sync was one of the features that made try this software.

So suppose that I want to sync every folder on two hard disk except Program Files, Winnt, and Documents and Settings folder, can I filter this with the filters options? How should I do that? I've been playing with the options but wasn't able to do that yet.
The only way to do what I want was to de-select the folders that I don't want to sync after compare, but as this folders are pretty large, dopus takes a lot of time comparing them. So if could just skip them!!



You can set the filter to exclude items by Location, but the sync will still waste time searching through those big folders.

There is a Subfolder clause which can be used in filters and which prevents Opus from entering unwanted directories at all. Unfortunately, at the moment anyway, it doesn't work with the Synchronize tool. The Subfolder clause only affects folders but the Synchronize tool only applies filters to Files.

If you don't care about seeing what will be synched before it happens, and would be happy with a button that you pushed which did the sync straight away, then you can use the Copy UPDATEALL command to solve this problem. The command can be given a filter and will respect subfolder clauses.

So the first step is to create the filter. Go to Settings -> Preferences - File Operations - Filters and create a new filter. In my example I have called it Exclude Standard Dirs. The filter should be defined as follows (there's a screenshot below if my text version is unclear):

[code]Subfolder, No Match

  • Name, Match, Use Wildcards: (Program Files|Winnt|Documents and Settings)[/code]

Now click OK or Apply in the Preferences dialog so the filter is saved.

Next you have to create a button which runs the Copy UPDATEALL command. If you are unfamiliar with creating toolbar buttons, watch Toolbars 1 (video tutorial) from the Tutorials forum.

The code for the button is fairly simple:

Copy UPDATEALL FILTER="Exclude Standard Dirs"

Now if you select-all in one directory and click the new button it will copy all of the changed files to the destination directory, skipping the Program Files, Winnt and Documents and Settings directories completely and also not overwriting any files which, based on their size and date, are up-to-date.

If you don't want to manually select-all before clicking the button then you could make it do that for you, but I'll keep things simple for now.

That was nice!!!

That works, but as I don't have a preview of what will be synced or copied, whatever, can I have a log of for example replaced files, or file copy error because they were in use?

Thanks again!!


You can make Opus log file copies in general which may give you what you want, I guess. See Settings -> Preferences - Logging (where you can configure what gets logged and in how much detail) and Tools -> Output Window - Log (where you can see and save the log itself).

Does subfolder clause work already with Synchronize tool?

No, Subfolder clauses still can't be used when syncing; only Location clauses will work there.