Help me please!

Today i have this problem:
But i think is all OK, no malware, no virus. (Controlled with malwarebytes,and other…)I have installed Norton Security.

After download and install new version (the same), everything looks ok, but:

Please, help me!
W10 17763.404
Biagio Bonini

The update checker failing is due to a problem on our side, which we've just fixed. If you re-download the 12.13 installer from here, it should work again: Directory Opus 12.13

Re-running the installer should usually fix the other problem you're seeing, which is usually due to the program files being modified/corrupted in some way.

If you still get that problem after using the new installer and rebooting, please let us know.

Please don't post your licence details in public. We may need to block that licence code now and issue you with a new one. (That's handled by other people but, for now, I've removed them from the post.)

Good morning,
thanks for the reply and sorry for the sensitive data, at the time I was a bit taken by the problem and I couldn't find the way to contact your technical service. I have re-installed the product, vers. 12.13, re-installed the certificate.
Everything seems to be working now, except for the error in the update access page which says: "Error in accessing Feed News".
Thanks and sorry again
Biagio Bonini

Did you re-download the 12.13 installer? That needs to be done to fix the update checker issue you're seeing.

You might need to clear your browser cache or use a different browser to the normal one to avoid caching, although it's not usually necessary.

Ok, now I have re-installed version 12.13, the first installation got stuck at the beginning, I stopped it, then installed again.
Now the update window also appears to be correct.

Grazie 1000
Biagio Bonini

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