[HELP] Missing icon set!

Hi! Where can I download an Directory Opus 5.5 Icon Set (http://nudel.dopus.com/opus9/page3.html#newiconsystem)???

I'm not sure that you would really want to to download these, once you actually see them. Greg included them in a beta version we tested (when Leo make his excellent preview page), more as a joke for us Beta Testers. And to show us how the system could work. But the v5.5 icons really don't look good in Windows XP or Vista (for which they were not designed), especially when compared to all the new shiny ones Trevor has produced for Opus 9. They don't line up well on the toolbars and they are all shades of dark gray.

If you look at the second image on that web page you linked, you can see a few of the v5.5 set (the 6 icons on the very right) they are gray and salmon colored, and the aspect ratio is warped a little.

Could you share this set???

I don't work for GPSoftware—they aren't mine to share. (I don't have them anyway.) But I saw them when I Beta Tested Opus 9 and I'm trying to tell you, that you are not missing out on anything. They will not look good at all.

OK. Thanks anyway... :smiley: