Help - OpenOffice Viewing

I'm evaluating Directory Opus, but cannot get viewing for OpenOffice or Microsoft Word to work - I get a hex listing when I click on a .doc or .sxw.

I do not have Word, but installed the Word Viewer as recommended but this made no difference (it is installed OK, I can view the .doc file by right-clicking). I have a full version of Excell installed and viewing .xls files works fine.

Any ideas how I can fault-find this?

Can you view Word documents by dropping them on Internet Explorer?

If not, the viewer isn't installed properly or conflicts with something on your system.

If you can, try the alternative open option in the ActiveX plugin's preferences since this may work better with the standalone MS Word viewer.

If you're using OpenOffice make sure you installed their ActiveX control (which is also what enables IE to view documents using OpenOffice).

If you've got both OpenOffice and the standalone MS Word viewers installed I'm not sure what will happen. :slight_smile:

Thanks Nudel, your post got me off the mark. Some things in the Active-X plugin could be improved though..

The answer to your first question is "no" - dropping a .doc file on IE caused a download dialog to pop, when I ask it to open the file it opens in a new OO window. I think this is a clue as to why the MS Word viewer is not working - OO is set as the Open action for .doc.

I installed the OO Active-X and then, bafflingly, the OO active X worked in DOpus for .doc files but not for OO's native .sxw files! I fixed this by adding .sxw to the "Handled Files" list manually.

The wording in the "Document Viewers" pane on the plugin config could be clearer - I read it to mean that installing the MS Word viewer would enable viewing of Word or OO files - an explicit reference to installing the OO Active-X would have set me on the right track.

It would be a helpful enhancement if, when you sucessfully try dragging a file onto the test pane on the config dialog it would offer to add that file extension to the Handled Files list.

Hope the above feedback is useful - I suspect you may be losing potential purchasers in evaluation when they think DOpus cannot view OpenOffice files.