Help: Replace file keeping original file name

Hi Guys,

Please can someone help. I have around 400 files (.exe) that site on my file server and users have shortcuts on there desktops to these programs.

I'm about to retire the programs over the next few weeks and what I would like to do is create a button so that any files I select get replaced with another file but keeps it's original filename.


Drive S:\IT\Retire.exe is the new file that will be used to replace the other files.

Drive S:\Sales\File1.exe
Drive S:\Sales\File2.exe are sales programs

I select S:\Sales\File1.exe and S:\Sales\File2.exe then press a button. File S:\IT\Retire.exe is then copied to S:\Sales\File1.exe and S:\Sales\File2.exe

This way I can select the files over time, hit a button and basically retire them. The Retire.exe program is a new program that directs users to the new replacement system.

Is this easy to do in Opus. I have DO12 installed.



This should work, run just on the target files (from a single file display).

It should also work properly when using Find Results or other collections or Flat View where all the files you want to replace are not directly below the same folder. If you don't need that it can be simplified slightly.

dopusrt /acmd Copy "S:\IT\Retire.exe" TO {filepath|..} AS {file}

It will prompt you to replace each file as it is. You could add a WHENEXISTS=replace argument to prevent that (but then be careful).

dopusrt /acmd Copy "S:\IT\Retire.exe" TO {filepath|..} AS {file} WHENEXISTS=replace

Thanks Leo..