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Help to Eliminate several context menu items

Help to Eliminate several context menu items

There are several items showing up in dOpus 11.5 that I do NOT want there,
and though I've searched through Preferences, File Types, and Help,
I haven't figured out how to eliminate them, so will appreciate some help ....

btw -- Media Player Classic is my player, and it's enabled for ALL media.

Media related file types: the context menu shows

"Add to Windows Media Player list"
"Play with Windows Media Player"
"Convert video file"
"Edit video file"

mp3 file type:

"Convert sound file"
"Edit sound file"

the "Send To" context menu contains every drive in the computer --
how to stop this behaviour?

Thank You

This FAQ ist a bit older, but could be useful to start with:

[url]Tip: Organise and Speed-Up Context Menus]

thx abr -- I've read through this, and did dL WinDebug & experimented a bit with it,
but no success yet in eliminating those entries.

In the screencap, the image on the Left is from Windows Explorer/QTTabBar, the one on the Right from dOpus >

Do you have -> Preferences -> Miscellaneous -> Windows Integration -> "Hide Windows items on file context menus" activated? With a little luck the WMP stuff
would be listed under Windows items, so you wouldn't see them, unless you hold down the shift key (extended context menu, if the above option is active).

No, I don't have that activated -- I did activate it momentarily just to see what happens,
and pressing Shift of course to see the Windows-related stuff ..... it's all still there.

... i meant to say "all the context menu stuff is still there".

Did you try to find the CLSID, like discussed in that thread? That would perhaps be the best starting point.

"A better way to block a shell extension by CLSID is to add it to Opus's blacklist: Go to Preferences - Miscellaneous - Advanced and double-click the ignore_context_menus setting. A small window will appear into which you should paste the CLSID values, including curly braces, of the extension(s) you want to exclude, one CLSID per line."

yes - these CLSIDs seemed to be the only possibly relevant ones,
but adding them to the section did not make a change ~

[5048] [6764] dopus: CLSID: {7AD84985-87B4-4a16-BE58-8B72A5B390F7} (PlayTo) (C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\wmpnssui.dll)

[5048] [6764] dopus: CLSID: {E598560B-28D5-46aa-A14A-8A3BEA34B576} (Windows Photo Viewer Video Verbs) (C:\Program Files\Windows Photo Viewer\PhotoViewer.dll)

[5048] [6764] dopus: CLSID: {85BBD920-42A0-1069-A2E4-08002B30309D} (Briefcase) (C:\Windows\system32\syncui.dll)

[5048] [6764] dopus: CLSID: {474C98EE-CF3D-41f5-80E3-4AAB0AB04301} (C:\Windows\System32\cscui.dll)

I just opened a little program I use called "Default Programs Editor" -- does file extensions, context menus, and such,
and it does give the option to delete the "Windows Media Player" entries, and even gives some different CLSIDs.

It's also supposed to point to the entry in Registry, but doesn't seem to be doing that successfully.

Anyways, with this type thing I like to know where in Registry it is, then create a Reg file to delete the undesired entries --
so that I learn something about WHY this happens, as well as be able to implement the fixes in installs on my other machines.

Some context menu entries are very stubborn, so it might be hard to locate & to remove them. I had a case like that myself. But i'd be surprised, if there was no way
to remove WMPs entries somehow. I just read following trick, which might do the thing: type "regsvr32 /u wmpshell.dll" in a command line. Not sure, though, if it works for Win 7. ... xtual-menu

thx for that link Leo

Here's a link to perhaps the quickest fix: ... rty-tools/

Basically, Control Panel > Default Programs > Set program access and computer defaults > Custom > Choose a default media player >

... disable Enable access to this program next to Windows Media Player.

** Next .... I discovered that NCH software's "TempoPerfect Metronome" installed the context menu entries of
"Convert/Edit --- Audio/Video" files .... so I handled that one too.

** Now there's just 1 thing that remains ..... in the SendTo menu -- how do I prevent the entire list of drives/partitions being shown?

This is interesting -- I should have made a note of the forum entry, but as I was searching for a solution to all of this,
I came across a post by Leo that said something to the effect that --

Windows OS errors in its handling of certain context menu entries,
and since dOpus actually handles/displays them "correctly", then it appears to be a glitch/error to the unknowing/unsuspecting/unskilled user.

so, I reckon this is likely what is happening with this display of the entire drives/partitions.

btw -- I do NOT have Windows' or dOpus' "show hidden context menu items" enabled -- I simply hold "Shift" if I want to see this,
so I would ASSume this is NOT why this behaviour is occurring .... but then again, this IS Windows :slight_smile:

One of these should work to hide the drives from the Send To menu, as long as you have Opus 11.5.1 (beta) or above: ... Vista.html

Yes, thx Leo - this worked a charm --- immediately on reading your post I thought --
"wasn't I able to do this w/ TweakUI in XP?" sure enough, it was ...

the nice thing about this registry entry is that it doesn't remove the listings from the explorer/dOpus file manager window

Thanks for all the helps leo & abr -- as a hobbyist, I'm learning something more by using WinDebug now, too. :slight_smile:

NCH software is an evil company. If you put its software on your PC it automatically throws in all manner of file associations. It overrides your settings. Try to open any file that NCH has software to work with, and you will get a slap in the face.

I use Expert Scribe – it is the only transcription program that works with my footswitch – and have vowed never to have any dealings with these scumware merchants.

NCH's installation offers no options not to pile this junk on to your PC.

Before you buy any software from NCH, think twice and look for an alternative.

Don't just take my word for it:

File Associations corrupted

Huge problem with Windows 7 Explorer and file associations

windows - Is software from NCH Software safe? - Super User

In essence, every time you try to launch something, NCH offers to install its software, even when you have a perfectly acceptable alternative already. That software may be excellent. But I will never know. These people are charlatans in their business practices. I am surprised that they stay in business.


wow - that's an eye-opener! thx for the writeup -- i never used any of their other shiite, only the metronome,
but i've got others that work as well or better --

so, i simply uninstalled ALL of it (Revo - Total Uninstall/Martau - jv16) and going with another simple one

I'm a guitarist - golfer -- tempo critical for both !!