Help with buttons for batch editing: Clear GPS stops if file doesn't have GPS data

Hi all, I'm trying to strip the GPS data from a large number of photos.

The command I'm using works fine, and works for multiple photos in a selection:

SetAttr META gpslatitude
SetAttr META gpslongitude

The problem is that as soon as Dopus encounters a file that doesn't have the GPS data (either a copy-pasted image file, or even a non-image file) the function stops working, leaving all the other files in the selection unchanged.

Is there any way to write the button so that it simply ignores inapplicable files and continues with the next file in the selection?


Maybe selecting all applicable image formats first would help?

Select *.(jpg|jpe|jpeg|png) SetAttr META gpslatitude SetAttr META gpslongitude
Just change the list to all image formats you want selected. At least this would keep you from having to select all and/or pick out non-image formats.

Add @nodeselect if you want all files to remain selected after the commands are finished.

Thanks. Definitely an improvement, but DOpus still seems to just cancel the whole operation once an image file without existing GPS data is found, rather than skipping the inapplicable file and moving on to the next file...