Help with colors

hi , i wanna ask about 2 things

1st) i have set a custome picture as background and i m wondering if there is a way to set a different picture background for each file browser, like in the folder tree
2nd) how to change the color of the right click background, the default is white


  1. You can set different pictures for different folders, but there's no way to make the left file display always use a different picture to the right file display. (Unless you have a fixed-size window and do something clever with a tiled image, at least.)

  2. Which right-click background do you mean? Post a screenshot to clarify.

hello pal, thx for your answer,
1)ok with the background images ,i undrestand it.
2) one right click menu appears when i hit right click in d.opus i dont know how to explain this, anyway its the same color menu when i hit at the settings or tools or file menu in D.O 10..then as you can se in the picture the menu is in white and also i dont know how i can have change its letters to white so i can read the selected option in the menu field as you can see in the picture, also i want to ask you how to change the color of the "bullets" in the folder tree, look at the photo too, there are in black so i cant see them when i m using a dark background.
A last one question :slight_smile:, how to change a folder color for example how can i make it green forever or red etc with a simple click changing from the default yellow color that it has before.
thanks for your precious help

anyone can help me with it?

You can change the toolbar/menu style/colours under Preferences / Toolbars / Appearance.

The tree bullets come from your Windows theme (depending on the tree style setting under Preferences / Folder Tree / Appearance).

thanks, i tried but i cant still change the main background color of the menu its still white (and the right click too), i also want to change the folders browser tab at the top (the bar with, type etc...) as you can see in the picture but i cant find from where to do this, is this has to do with my windows main theme?
can you help how to set a custom color from every folder that i want easily?
thanks again for your help

Sorry, I didn't realise the menu background colour was not configurable there. I think it comes from the system-wide Menu colour, which you can change via Control Panel.

The file display header comes from the windows theme, so you'd need to change the theme to change it. (Or turn off themes entirely, of course.)

Setting custom colours for particular folders is done via Folder Formats. See the three Folder Formats FAQs to learn more about them.

ok thank you very much once again :slight_smile: