Help with Display when folders are open


What I want to be able to do for example:
is when I click on my pictures directory opus opens up it displays the large icons on the left pane and preview pane on the right pane

when I open a movie folder it keeps the knowlege I select for properties telling opus that folder is movies, that I want system files hidden and to auto adjust. The probelm is that it doesn't seem to save these options even when I click on reset to custom and then reselect these options. When go back to the folder it is back to be general, showing me the extensions and not auto adjusting.

any help would be great

Did you check this option:
Settings -> Preferences -> Folders -> Options -> Select: 'Enable folder content type detection'

And also have a look here: [url]Automatic style swap?]

You can't turn on/off the Preview Pane using Folder Formats, which in turn means that you can't make the Preview Pane turn on/off automatically when you move from one directory to another.

What you can do instead is create a Style, Layout, Button or Hotkey which goes to a particular folder, turns on/off the Preview Pane and sets whatever Folder Format is desired.

So you can make it happen by clicking/typing a button, but it isn't possible when double-clicking a directory.

If you don't care about the Preview Pane then things are different and all you need to do is save a Folder Format for the directory in question. (See the Folder Formats FAQ if you're new to using Folder Formats in Opus. It should give you a good boost in understanding.)