Help with music rename preset

looking for some help with music rename presets how to set

disk# in tags where there is not one (you have a list of files how to set them all to a disk# in .mp3 tag with a rename preset or is there a better way

i've worked out how to rename files from tags ... like
{mp3albumartist}{mp3album}\CD{mp3disc}{mp3track}. {mp3title} - {mp3artist}.mp3

but i don't know how to set tags from file names like

  1. track name - artist name.mp3 so that parts of files name get written to .mp3 tags
    i will sleep on it ... thank you all for your help .. .my spelling is not to bad today hahah

Using a Rename Script would be best if you want to make the preset do different things depending on whether tags exist in the file (rather than only working correctly for tagged files).

The rename script can use the Metadata object for each file to check if it has music tags and get the tags out of it to use in the name. (Rather than using {mp3title} etc. in the New Name field outside of the script.)

Alternatively, you could stick with a simple rename preset, and simply avoid feeding it any files which do not have the music tags. To do that, you could turn on file display columns showing the tags, then sort by the columns and deselect any files that don't have the required data in them.

If you are doing a one-off fix to a lot of files then this low-tech method is probably less work, but if you want something you can use multiple times in the future, in a fire & forget method, then setting up a rename script to handle all the cases might make the most sense.

This is indeed not trivial. I think the Metadata object is read-only anyway, which rules out a Rename script. You could use SetAttr META, but I can't think of a quick way to retrieve the different parts from {filepath}.

For this stuff I use Mp3tag, which directly provides this Filename-to-Tag functionality. It's free and has been around forever.

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lxp's post made me realise I misunderstood the question, confusing it with the other thread we were talking in which was about the reverse (tags -> filenames, rather than filenames -> tags).

So my post above is probably not useful, unless you need to do both.

You could use a script (probably a non-rename script that runs in a button or hotkey) to split the filename up (e.g. using regular expressions) and then set the tags using SetAttr META. But, as lxp says, tools like Mp3Tag exist and are made just for this purpose, so that might be an easier option. Unless you want something in Opus which you can run lots of times in the future with a single click, in which case a script would be worth writing, and not too difficult to do (we can help).

You can try this rename script for files like 10 - Title.mp3 (it's a rename script)...

yes i know about mp3 tag program but thought there would be a way of doing it in opus .... i know "mp3 tag program has actions " so now wandering if you can run a "mp3 tag program action" from opus button "