Help with rename dialog

I have a couple of niggling issues with the rename dialog, which as far as I can tell have probably always been there.

  • Presets - I love the idea of presets, but mine is an empty box. I don't think I do the same rename often enough to warrant saving a preset for it. I do lots of renames, but nothing "consistently" enough to qualify for such a huge chunk of display real-estate. I have it as narrow as it can go, but it really should be gone 99% of the time.

    Can we maybe (a) hide the presets unless we need them, and (b) add a drop down to the main rename dialog listing the presets. Leave the "save", "load", and "tree view", but hide them until you press an arrow or a button to make it visible (or at least allow me to shrink it to almost zero pixels wide.... This would really help, especially on my laptop with limited screen real-estate (think vision impaired user with everything on high zoom.. )

  • Hotkeys - I rely on hotkeys increasingly (mouse is a blur which is hard to focus on and position accurately) Some of the hotkeys in the RENAME dialog are duplicated. This means when I press the hotkey, is highlights the option instead of acting on it. Pressing it again goes to the next options.. Eg, if I press Alt-X, "ignore extension" is toggled. If I press Alt-S, one of the options bound to alt-s is highlighted but not acted on, I need to press space to toggle the option, but I can have a hard time seeing which option has been selected.

  • Preview List Rename. If I am in the preview list, I can press F2 to start a rename, but just how do I get to the preview list quickly? Is there a hotkey for that? If not, can one be added?

Many thanks


In the same vein, you once mentioned adding '@nodeselect' to the rename button/hotkey to ensure renamed files stay selected and can be renamed again.

Can this functionality be enabled when working on network shares?


  • Hotkeys: We've improved that in Opus 13, which will automatically find unique keys for each option if it can.

  • Preview List Rename: F2 also works without giving focus to the list first. (As long as the control with focus doesn't use the key for something else. E.g. If you click a Preset and push F2, it'll rename the preset.)

@nodeselect should already work the same with both local and network drives.

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I didn't think of just hitting F2. That definitely works though.

@nodeselect should already work the same with both local and network drives.

Works for local disk, but definitely clears the selection on network drives. I notice if the rename doesn't match all the source files, they remain selected, so there's that.


What’s the button/command definition you’re seeing that with?


That being said, after a reboot of the NAS, (thanks to a surprise power outage), the issue went away on both clients I use. I also tested on my laptop and I can no longer reproduce the issue, so I'll chalk that one up to some server side strangeness..

Edit: -
That didn't last long. In a folder with 51 files, I selected all, pressed rename, edited the files in the preview window and hit ok. Once the rename window closed, I was left with a 7 randomly selected files. Highlighted all the files again, rename, made another change, and when it was done I had 47 of 51 files selected. All files were changed.

I suspect its a race condition between how long DOpus waits for the network share to stabilize, and how long the network share takes to finish sending change notification.

If you open Explorer and Opus windows for the folder and select everything, then open another Opus window and do the rename from that, do some of the files get deselected in all three windows?

So the two Opus windows get files deselected, (exactly the same set of files) but the explorer window remains fully selected. I tried it three times to make sure it was consistent.

The set of files deselected in Opus was different each time (one time it was all files) but always the same between the two instances. Explorer always maintained its selected files.

Would it be possible to make a log of the change notification evens when renaming on that network drive? It might reveal what's happening.

Here's how to make the log:

  • Go to Preferences - Miscellaneous - Advanced

  • Set Troubleshooting / notify_debug to True.

  • Set Toubleshooting / shellchange_debug to True.

  • Download and run DebugView from Microsoft. (No installation required. If it shows a msg about Dbgv.sys, that can be skipped as it isn't needed.)

    (Nicer third-party alternative: DebugView++)

With that done, perform the rename as before, then go to DebugView and save the log via the File menu. (Send via PM if you don't want to post it in public. Detail on which directory the rename was done on will also help us know where to look in the logs.)

  • Finally, turn off notify_debug and shellchange_debug again (they'll slow things down if left on).

Many thanks!

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