Help with Rename Scripts

Hi everyone!! I am new to these forums but love dopus. It IS the best file manager of all time.

But I have run into a problem trying to customise it for my needs.

I will try to be as simple and as concise as I possibly can and if you don't understand please ask me to re-phrase.

I hope someone on this forum can help as I believe this would be beneficial to a lot of dopus users.

I need a rename script that capitalises each word, removes junk from the file names, formats the name too and I intend it to be used mainly on downloaded media files like movies and music and would be generally used to clean and capitalise most files.

I have found 2 scripts in the forum that if combined may be perfect but unfortunately I don't know nothing about scripting. But somehow I can follow lines of code - even if I don't understand most of it.

These scripts are TitleCasePlus - cleanup & smartly capitalise [url]TitleCasePlus - cleanup & smartly capitalise]
and ranMa's script for cleaning dance mp3 filenames [url]TitleCasePlus - cleanup & smartly capitalise].

If these options from ranMa's script :

[ul]'dashedWords' array
'numberedArtists' array,
'nonCapitalizedWords' array
Replace "featuring"
Replace "presents"
Replace "versus"[/ul]
are added to the title case script the resulting script would be much more powerful.

Also I would like to have it keep movie info like source/year/CD#/edition (all should be in brackets), and in the following order, for example:


and remove the rest of the junk in filenames.

should become
'James Bond - The Living Daylights [DVDRip] [1987] [WIDESCREEN] [720P] (CD1) .avi'

Maby this can be achieved by using something like ranMa's arrays in his mp3 rename script to omit words certain words from being deleted.

Would this be possible or do I have something to learn about the limitations of scripts?

It's been my experience that scripts are mostly limited by the skill of the person writing them. :wink:

You seem to have bitten off a big chunk to chew here toxi. Plus it's the holiday season right now so between the two I'm not at all surprised that no one has answered you before now. And right now I don't have a lot of free time for scripting either so I'd suggest using a multi-step process to achieve your goals. In other words if the titlecase script will do part of what you want, use it to do part of what you want. Then use the other script to do the rest, or at least more of what you want. And so on.

I know it's not the answer you were hoping for, but for now at least it might be the best way to proceed until someone has the time to write a script that will do everything you are asking for.

Thanks for the reply john, even if it wasn't what I was hoping for.
You may be right about it being the holiday season since you are the only person that has replied. I have been doing just what you suggested for some time now ever since I first found those scripts in the forums but using both of those scripts plus another one I have been using to insert/remove characters at either end of the filenames. Quite often it seems faster renaming manually, one file at a time, which is a shame cause the power that dopus has in renaming files, combined with those scripts is just being wasted.
I guess I'm just a little surprised cause combined these scripts would help out everyone. If I knew a little about scripting I would take it on myself but unfortunately I don't. But I'm still going to try. I, too am a little bit busy too cause of the holiday season but when I can I will try and look at the scripts again and try to integrate. I always seem to take on more than I can chew as this I'm afraid is no different. If anyone can find the time to give me some pointers or to help in some way, it would be appreciated.