Help with this Toggle dual layout script please

I had this button/hotkey working before but I cant figure out how I did it before.

I am trying to create a button, where on first press turns on Dual mode in horizontal, then on second press toggles it to Vertical and on third press turns it off.

Set DUAL=Toggle,Horiz,Remember,ToggleLayout

Above is what I have but this only turns on Horizonal mode and then goes back to a single lister layout. Help please

Are you sure you did it with a one-liner? I think you need to use @if:

@if:Set DUAL=off
Set DUAL=horiz

@if:Set DUAL=horiz
Set DUAL=vert

Set DUAL=off
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Man maybe not lol, perhaps I repurposed a predefined button.

Never the less, thank you!