Hex Editor

A great feature would be to have a Hex Editor available for any file selected. The hex image is now shown when using the image view. How difficult would it be to provide hex editing as an option. I have not seen a request for a Hex editor but may have missed it.

Goody :smiley:

Not really a reply, but can I add my name to this request? [Not sure of any other way to ask for the same thing!]

Personally, I use UltraEdit for all of my editing needs, but far be it from me to begrudge anyone an enhancement request... I'm one of the ppl who want robust mp3 tag mgmt :slight_smile:.

Anywho - as big a fan as I am of UE, I would probably welcome a quick access hex editor... it would be great if it could handle really large files too, maybe sort of like 'LogView' from Mount Hay technology.

Yo Steje, FWIW I also use UltraEdit and I really like it too. UE is great for hex editing and the syntax highlighting of numerous language files amongst several other things.

But probably about 99% of the time when I use a text editor, I use NoteTab Pro.

It's limited to ASCII characters and html for syntax highlighting but its internal scripting language makes it a godsend to me for nearly all my text based file needs.

And then of course, we have the Source Code Viewer plug-in available for DOpus which is really handy as well.

Hey-Yo John, NoteTab eh?

Is it light weight - so it loads real fast? That was one of the reasons I went with UE some years back, for a full blown code editor/IDE it's so much quicker than Visual Studio and Code Warrior and what not.

In a word, Yup

It's lean and mean