Hi, almost constant HD light when opus has been on a while

Using my newly purchased 12.17 and the HD light starts to srt flickering after a while and if I shut down Dopus.exe then the flickering stops. Opus itself is not doing anything, its idle but I notice the mem usage seems to be bigger than any other program. I did use the Vmtrace or so on from one thread but I'm not sure I followed Leo's guide very well.

I've checked its not a background virus scan and as said it stops when Opus is closed or task terminated.

Any idea's please...

Paul Irvine..

If you make a Process Monitor log while it's happening, we should be able to use that to see what's going on, and if it's Opus itself (and why), or if it's a 3rd party shell extension or similar.

Will do, thanks Leo...

My only problem at the moment is the old "its stopped doing it now" issue :slight_smile:

Was doing it all last night even with reboots, Malware bytes checks etc and now its suddenly stopped and the memory foot print is smaller and when its in use and finishes what you asked it to do the program gives back the memory as it should.....

Its like when you go to the dentist with pain and while you sit and wait suddenly the pain goes and you think "eh?" and wonder if you are wasting the dentists time :slight_smile:

I'll report back if it starts again...Sorry for (at the moment) wasting your time leo..

From the log you sent, it looks like Opus is updating a large collection in the background. It does this with a low priority background thread, so it may take a while but shouldn't get in the way of anything else.

If you have any collections that you don't need, you should delete them to clean them up. Go to coll:// in Opus and you can see the collections there.

It's safe to select and delete the collections themselves. (Don't delete the files inside the collections, unless you want to delete the actual files.)

Ah, thank you Leo, I wasn't aware of that feature at all and I read what I could understand of the log and wondered why it was constantly looking at my retro games stuff..

Many thank you's for the help and nice to see you on the team, you many years ago helped me with a mouse gesture program under Opus, finding the gesture codes.

Thank you for all the help..


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