Hi guys need some help and its easy for most of users


1.Need button command for toggle view in 2 directions only - Details and Thumbnail ., not whole cycle.
2.Noticed that i lose mine arrows on location bar or maybe i am confused while using Win7 on mine laptop and messing with Win7 Explorer

So on Dopus location bar when you click on drive C you got arrow that will lead you to nest subdirectory then with click you will land there
But in Mine Case i need to use tree or to click couple of time to land where i want ex: Click c:\ the again . Program Files Then again xxxxxxx folder and So on :blush: :blush:

So small demonstration with Photo

So hear is example from another quick folder Software that will lead you directlly at desired folder
So it was true or i just messed up opus and explorer ?

So can location bar look like this

Thank you in Advance

(Please ask one question per thread)

For 1) Custom View toggle is a recent thread on the same topic.

For 2) The menus off the location bar are, as in Explorer, just to pick a sibling folder and not to give a full folder tree. If you want to do a deep navigation, it's less fiddly to do it in the main tree or file display rather than multiple nested menus opening off each other.

Thank you allot Friend

1.Follow Link and problem Solved
2.So there is no full tree on Location bar ?
(i know that using tree is better but on dual view without tree ( commander layout ) its good way to ride via directories .No Tree more space.

Any way Thank you for Answer and sorry for making 2 question at 1 Thread. Forgot about that rule

All the best Regards