Hidden files?

How do you make Opus not display hidden files like the default option in Windows Explorer?

Preferences - Folders - Options - Hide protected operating system files

You can also use the Tools Menu - Folder Options dialog to access more advanced hide/show features.

By the way, the "Hide protected operating system files" option effectively hides files which have both the Hidden and System attributes.

If you want to hide files with the H attribute, regardless of the S one, you need to do it via Folder Options/Folder Formats.

You can also make buttons/hotkeys which toggle both types of filter. Shout if you need help.

See my post in this thread

[url]Hotkey to make selected file/s hidden?]

for further disucssion of what Nudel mentions above.

I created a button for it, so it can be toggled on and off.
hiddem.system.toggle.zip (1.29 KB)