Hidden/System files - new feature (via status bar)

First- GREAT new feature that gives us a quick link in the status bar to enable/disable showing hidden and system files! I was just about to create a button to do that when I found out about it! (sorry don't recall what build it first appeared in)

I see in the tooltip the reference to folder-tab filters - But doesn't this also relate to the treeview as well?
If I need to see some hidden items, that could include folders, so shouldn't the treeview reflect this?
(an example would be looking at your own User\AppData folder)
The treeview does update, if you double click the folder in the folder-tab. But it doesn't do a full refresh of the folder in the treeview.

I have always used the default show-all because I always found something I needed was being set as hidden or system - however - I would much rather default to not showing all, but along with this one-click awesome feature to show what's missing at some particular time and then go back to normal after I leave. It's a great idea, but I would be even happier if it included the treeview!

PS: This became an issue for me when I switched back to Win7 and found that for network mapped drives, the creation/deletion/modification of a folder in the folder-tab on the right did NOT cause the treeview to automatically refresh itself for that branch (which I am about to ask about in another post!).

Thanks in advance!

The "Show Everything" toggle that the status bar triggers only affects the active folder tab, not any other tabs, the tree (which is shared between all the tabs) or other windows.

You can easily toggle the System/Hidden global filters which affect the tree if you want to, though. There are options to do so in the Folder menu on the default toolbars. Toggling them is the same as toggling the options on the Global Filters page in Preferences.