Hide all windows context menu items


In DO setting I have "Hide windows items on file context menu" ticked...

But it's not hiding all items.

How to fix this?


The option doesn't hide filetype verbs, but they can be hidden via the registry.

If you're comfortable editing the registry, go to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT, then fine the extension like .docx and see what the default value of it is. That will then point to a file class (e.g. MSWordDocx or something; I'm not sure exactly what it is for .docx). Find that below HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT and open it up.

I don't have Word installed so I've done it with .txt which points to txtfile:

If you add a new blank string (REG_SZ) value called ProgrammaticAccessOnly below the verb, as shown in the second screenshot above, it will hide the verb from the right-click menus of both Opus and Explorer.

This is preferable to deleting the verb, since it means it will still work if a program requests it (e.g. as a way to print a file).