Hide button with @hideif unless a variable is set a particular value

I want to check a global variable, say $glob:myvar (it's actually an environment variable, not a path or related to any DOpus lister state or alike but I copy it to a DOpus var) and if it doesn't match a certain value I want to hide a button. @hideif seems to be the solution, but I can't figure out the notation or if it's possible at all.

I checked out the documentation and found this thread, which shows how to hide the button if a global variable is set, regardless of the value. My wish is kind of the opposite, something like
How can I do it?
ps: DOpus version 12.21

@hideif can only test if a variable is set or not, not what the value is, but you could make the thing that converts the env-var create different variables based on the env-var's value to do what you need.

Thanks for the very quick reply.
I feared that you might say that. It's the exit code of program I wrote, it has dozens of possible values (N) and for each button for a different particular value I'd need to have N-1 @set & @hideifs :expressionless:
Maybe I'll figure out another way.