Hide drive icons in dynamic button "Drives" combination with "iconlettersoff"

Hello Dopus'ers,

in the dynamic button "Drives" I wanted to hide the drive S:\ and also use the command iconlettersoff as seen below:

Go DRIVEBUTTONS -S, iconlettersoff NEWTAB=findexisting
Go DRIVEBUTTONS iconlettersoff multifunc

However, when you use those two commands in combination the command -S is "ignored" and the drive icon S:\ is still shown.

Is there any solution for this problem?



You need to remove the space after the comma:

Go DRIVEBUTTONS -S,iconlettersoff NEWTAB=findexisting

This will also work, etc.:

Go DRIVEBUTTONS=iconlettersoff,-S NEWTAB=findexisting

I am not sure what you're trying to do with @keydown will work with a command like Go DRIVEBUTTONS... which generates lots of other buttons/commands (one per drive), but that's a separate matter. :smiley:

Josi, there you are! o) I told you to not use the space! o)
Just posting to let you know the @tbone trick worked out! o)

@Leo @tbone
Thank you very much. :+1:
It fixed the problem and is working fine now.

I oversaw your message stating that. :see_no_evil:

With the @keydown:none I am trying to open the drives in the current focused tab. With @keydown:shift Dopus searches the tab in which the drive is already opened and switches to it.