Hideous pathbar color again

Hi, trying to make a dark-theme, succeeding partially here and there, but some knobs like the pathbar and other stuff stubbornly resist the color windows has (dark) and I set in preferenes. Is this a known issue or am I too dumb for this?

So far:

  • set windows to dark theme
  • colored both active and inactive titlebar dark
  • setup colors (dark) in DOpus
  • pathbar is laughing in white annoyance
  • search background chimes in, mocking me
  • every other bit of windows is dark as a bears ...

Help appreciated.

If you want to make a dark theme, try the Opus 13 public beta.

It has a lot more color options, including recoloring Windows colors and themes, as well as built-in dark mode. Opus 12 themes and configs will load into it and be auto-detected as dark or light to fill in the new colors.

Thanks Leo, gonna try that.

I can't install the open beta - my license isn't valid and without it doesn't start. This normal?
Edit: I RTFMed myself, all clear now.

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