Hiding a Portion of the Label Name

Hi! I created some Labels and grouped them under a Category named "Weekday". I originally created the days out of order and couldn't find a way to rearrange my Labels when displayed on the right-click context menu (they were displayed in the order created).

I was able to find built-in methods to rearrange quite a few other entries, just not Labels.

I ended up adding a number prefix so I can get the order that I want; however, that isn't really ideal. If this is the only way to achieve this, is there a way that the "#-" be hidden from the Label column ? Possibly a script that only modifies the display of Labels in the "Weekday" Category to hide the first 2 characters ?


Thanks !

You could have a script column which displays the labels but with heir names changed.

Easier (and possibly more efficient) might be to put the labels into separate category which is excluded from the standard menus, and then add separate menu items for each of the 7 labels in the order you want them.

The standard menus already exclude the Status category, so it'd just mean editing the wildcard to exclude another category as well.