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Hiding folders based on name


Is it possible for Directory Opus to hide all folders if they match a certain name.
As I would like it hide my .svn folders as I end up copying them which is annoying and unnecessary (Not to mention it doubles the size of the folder).


You can hide them using Folder Formats:

That just hides them from the view so that you cannot see or accidentally select them. If you select and copy a sub-directory then the .svn directories below that will still be copied. To avoid that you can use a Copy Filter via Settings -> Copy Filter and then telling Opus to ignore .svn sub-folders as described in How to filter items by location or sub-folder.

Alternatively, if you want to copy data out of a Subversion folder, you can use Subversion's Export command which is designed for doing exactly that. TortoiseSVN provides a user interface for SVN (including the export command) and works great with Opus.


Thanks, I saw the filter command but I wasn't aware it hid the folders I thought it hid files inside the folder.
How do you set the copy filter? I can figure out how to turn it on/off but I can't see where you set what is filtering it.


After you turn on the copy filter, the next time you do a copy you'll be asked to define it.


Ah ok thanks for all the help.