Hierarchical archives vs. Search and Collections

First of all, by "hierarchical archive" I mean archives-within-archives, for example:

    Second.zip     (inside First.rar)
        Third.rar  (inside the zip)

While Opus can navigate inside such multi-level archives just fine, there seem to be some limitations:

  1. Find with "Search inside archives" option enabled will only find Second.zip but not its contents, i.e., Third.rar. IOW, Find only enters the topmost archive level, but not the inner archives.
  2. Collections can have entries like C:\Whatever\First.rar\Second.zip but items can't go 'further' than that, so, e.g., C:\Whatever\First.rar\Second.zip\Third.rar is not handled.

This is not so much a feature request (although any improvements in this area would be certainly great), but merely a verification that I am not missing anything obvious.

As a point of reference, FileLocator Pro does not have the above limitations.

So, are Search and Collections currently limited to single-level archives?


Searching archives-inside-archives-inside-archives would require extracting the inner archives in their entirety. It would be quite slow, and seems a bit crazy to me, to be honest.