Highlight found text results in viewer?

Is that even possible in DOPUS. I've been evaluating the latest version for a bit now, and one thing I do pretty constantly is find in files.

I've been using Agent Ransack for this, mainly because it's fast and it shows the found text with some context in a "viewer" window.

I really like DOpus's File Find functions, but I do see any way to highlight or otherwise show the found text in the resulting files.

Would this take a specialty Viewer plugin maybe, or would that even be possible with a custom plugin?

Of course, better would be that it's just an option I'm overlooking somewhere. DOpus is Huge!

Any ideas?

You mean when using the Find tool? Not at the moment.

The Grep Dir button in my Diff/Merge Toolbar might be of interest. It'll search for a string using the findstr command that's built into Windows and show you which files contain it, along with the matching lines. It's not perfect since they just appear in a text window but I've found it handy when don't want to switch to something else to do the search.

If Agent Ransack lets you run it from the command line then you should be able to integrate it into Opus, if you want to. Shout if you need help.

Hey Leo
Thanks for the heads up. I'd messed around a little setting up a button for use with Araxis Merge (another, definitely not free, but dang good, diff/merge tool).

Hadn't even considered a tool for Agent Ransack because it shows up on the right click menu, but that's not a bad idea. I'll have to play around with it.