Highlight multiple files in Tabs

When I make a button with this syntax,
Go "D:\temp\world\2020-12-22-0006.pdf" it goes to the folder and highlights the file in a Tab. How can I make this happen for more than one file in a button? I want each path to a file to open in a new tab and highlight the file. So that, when I click through the Tabs the file in each, is highlighted. I realize only one can be visible at a time. Thanks

The NEWTAB argument can be used to open paths in new tabs.

Go "C:\path1" NEWTAB
Go "C:\path2" NEWTAB
Go "C:\path3" NEWTAB


That works perfectly. How would you close all tabs that are currently open first? Thanks

Have a look at the Go command docs and the TABCLOSEALL argument.

Super helpful as usual. Thanks