Highlighting zero size or empty (nested) folders


Is there any way to change the color of those folders which are either empty or 0 size, and do it automatically after any folders are created. I would like to make these folders grey to stand out at a glance that they are empty.
Many thanks for your help. :slight_smile:

Preferences / Favorites and Recent / Label Assignments, add a new Label Filter:

This will cause extra disk access, so be sure it's something you really want/need.

If you only want/need it in certain places, you can create the label as part of a folder format instead of as a global label, so you only suffer the extra disk access where you need to.

(Empty folders don't really cause any problems so I often wonder why people are so worried about them. For me, Ctrl-K to calculate folder sizes, then sorting by size, is enough to clean them up on the rare times that I need to.)

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Any tips for this? I have a label filter exactly as shown but none of my Empty folders are assigned that label and/or color in the UI. The empty folders look the same as folders with contents.

It should still work. If it's not working, please show us what you've configured and an example of what it's doing.

For example, here is my C:

I tried creating the Label Filter in two places:
First I tried as suggested in Pref>Fav&Rec>Label Assignments

Second, on Folder Format>User Default>Labels

I'm sure it is something small I am missing but can't figure it out.

You will need to change the order: first the Type, then the Size, and then it will work just fine.

That was it. Thanks a lot! I didn't think the order of the AND expressions would have any effect. Thanks again.

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