Hogging cpu loop with rdpclip

on otherwise idle system, killing either dopus or rdpclip will fix it. rdp clip is a ms remote copy paste extension. Anyone seen this or have any ideas.

not sure why the rdpclip application and Dopus would conflict, but googling rdpclip.exe comes up with lots of hits describing high CPU utilization with it... One hit recommends using TSDropCopy from AnalogX as an alternative to rdpclip... which is old and not necessarily intended to be run over the later WinXP based RDC connections.

Or to put Steje's answer another way, give us details, give us a lot of very precise specific details regarding a problem involving DOpus and another program.

I have to give Steje a lot of credit here. He went beyond the yard and researched the potential problem whereas I would not have done so for such an obscure initial post.

I get this problem all the time (along with RDC suddenly not being able to copy text to/from computers) and it's nothing to do with DOpus.

Well, it is sort of strange that ibm650 sees the utilization die down if he kills "either" Dopus or rdpclip... maybe rdpclip is running as some sort of child process of Dopus, and killing Dopus orphans whatever is going 'wrong' inside rdpclip? That would probably suggest that you'd see the same behavior and relationship between rdpclip and explorer eh...

Anyhow, with rdpclip seeming like an outdated utilility it seems like the best way forward is to look for an alternative. There's quite a few ppl out there seeming to have these sort of problems with it.

I hope you don't mind me resurrecting an old thread, but I have the same problem and thought it to be useless to start a new discussion on the same subject.

I noticed that 2 * (dopus.exe + rdpclip.exe) managed to load my server to 100% (it's a private single user server so there shouldn't be any licensing trouble, but I had to login as administrator which caused another dopus process to start).

The problem seems to come from the way DOpus puts files in the clipboard, sometimes causing a problem with rdpclip.

dopus.exe as Administrator @ ~25% CPU usage
rdpclip.exe as Administrator @ ~25%
dopus.exe as fhein @ ~25%
rdpclip.exe as fhein @ ~25%

Killed rdpclip.exe as fhein, dropping dopus.exe as fhein to 0% CPU

Disabled processes from other users (only showing the ones owned by Administrator)
Both dopus.exe and rdpclip.exe @ 20-25% CPU each

Killed dopus.exe, dropping rdpclip.exe to 0%

Restarted dopus.exe (still as Administrator only). Both processes stays at 0%.

Selected a large (66MB) file in DOpus and pressed ctrl+c
rdpclip.exe went up to 20-25% CPU usage, while dopus.exe stayed at 0%

Killed rdpclip.exe and restarted it (just run -> rdpclip.exe)

Not able to reproduce problem anymore. Both processes stay at about 0% no matter what I put into the clipboard.

Restarted rdpclip.exe as user fhein, but it wouldn't copy text to the client computer anymore (weird). Worked fine for Administrator though.

Host: Windows 2003 Server Enterprise (yes, my school gives me a home use license key, so I have it legally). Chassis SC5200,Mobo SE7501BR2, CPU Xeon 1.8GHz.
Client: Windows XP SP2 Pro.

Maybe RDClip is trying to support copy/pasting files between the Remote Desktop and the local desktop and something's causing it to download the files (e.g. a clipboard monitor or clipboard history program on the local computer?).

From a quick Google it looks like Opus isn't the only thing that can trigger RDClip.exe to go a bit crazy. I've also seen it happen myself, I think when the remote computer doesn't have Opus (although the local one probably did have Opus).

Compared to Explorer, Opus does seem to make more data formats available when a file is placed in the clipboard. Maybe one of these formats is (sometimes?) causing RDClip to do something silly?