Holding F5 and DO crashes

On Directory Opus, go to my computer. The listary shows I have 4 drives.


Now, press F5 to refresh the view, and DO NOT release the key. You will find the listary keeps refreshing until it creashes.

Or in another try, the free size column of the listary disappeared.

As a valued paid user, I don't expect keeping a key pressed would crash DO or cause a UI glitch. Please fix it.

DO version is 12.26 x64 on Windows 10 1909.

I haven't been able to reproduce the crash so far.

Please send us the logs and we'll take a look:

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Many thanks. That revealed that it only happens if the Folder Tree is turned on. I've reproduced the problem now.

A fix for this will be in the next beta.

Yes, the Folder Tree is on.

I'm glad I can be of help. Thank you Leo.

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