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Horizontal scroll within Image Viewer


If I may, how do I utilize mouse and some button, to scroll image within Image Viewer horizontally? I can drag an image with left mouse button, but similiar to other image viewers, I'm unable to scroll horizontally. E.g. scroll wheel + ctrl, or shift.

Please advise

with kind regards


In the next update we'll also make it so you can hold the Alt key while using the normal mousehweel to scroll left and right in images.

Until then, the possible methods are:

  • Dragging the image left and right with the left button. (This can optionally be 1:1 or accelerated.)
  • Using the left/right cursor keys.
  • Using a mouse's horizontal scroll wheel or scroll buttons (if your mouse has them or can assign them).

Wow, You guys are epic! Love the software, love the community. Thank You, thank You, thank You!

Arrows did the trick for me for the meantime. Thank You :slight_smile: