Hotkey for reset label colours for adding to new customised button?

It's been awhile but your good luck can't last forever so...

I've created a new button on my customised DOpus toolbar :


It's to be used for resetting label colours on whatever file/folder is currently selected.



I'd like to apply a hotkey to that button to do the job.
Most of the buttons I have created just point to HDDs for special storage topics (eg TV files, screenshot collection, special projects, etc) so just need a GO + address.

If there is no simple hotkey for this particular reset, how do I implement the action with my new button.
Sorry, I don't know scripts... I tried to learn it but I'm not tech disposed.

Any help is very much appreciated.
(sorry for the images... they show what I'm talking about way better than I can describe it and be understood).


Ahhh, the hoykey combo for this field, is what I mean : 3-Hotkey%20for%20button

I did see another topic where can define hotkeys, but it only used a colour as example

This is the command to reset (remove) all labels and status icons from selected files and folders:

Properties SETLABEL=!reset

Docs for the Properties command:

Thank you, Leo.
That worked !
I know it's easy enough to right click and burrow down to the reset on the context popup but... I wanted to "sing" loudly from the rooftops : "I did it my way !"
(also, apologies for not being able to decode the DO documentation).