Hotkey (or other way) to switch to left or right pane

Is there a hotkey available to switch specifically to the left or right lister pane?
Example [ARROW LEFT] = switch to left pane, and [ARROW RIGHT] = switch to right pane?

Or trough a button with an command and then attach a hotkey to it?
(But is what is the correct command if it is possible?).

I searched in the manual in the "Go" section and in the Scripting section "Scripting Objects" > "Lister"

I would like to switch specifically switch to the left or right pane without activating the dopus window. (for example like the behaviour of "... CMD Go TABSELECT=1", which does not activate dopus but does select tab 1.)

Like question 1, but now toggling between left and right pane without activating dopus?

Set FOCUS=Left
Set FOCUS=Right

Set FOCUS=Toggle

Thank you!!!