Hotkey to show/hide toolbars?

It may already be documented or whatever somewhere, but I had a brief look through the manual, and a search on the forums, but I don't know of a command to toggle the toolbars. I would like to be able to use a hotkey to toggle the toolbars within a lister. In fact, being able to hide the status bar too (although not essential) would be useful to know too.

I thought that it'd be very likely this is possible, but I just don't know the commands to do it. Thanks if you can provide me with them, judging by what I read in a diffewrent thread I may need to run four commands (one for each toolbar)?

Anyway, thanks if you can help,

Toggle status bar:


Toggle (local) "Filters" toolbar (will re-open on the right):

Toolbar NAME=Filters STATE=right TOGGLE LOCAL

Local toolbars are one which are only displayed by one lister. So pressing that button when you don't already have the toolbar visible will show it in the current lister and not affect others, and pressing it again will close it.

If you want to hide a global toolbar, though, you have to remove the "LOCAL" argument. Problem is that this then toggles the toolbar in all listers. There isn't a way to toggle a global toolbar for just one lister.

Hmm... I don't understand what you meant by re-open on the right. I tried using the commands and the statusbar one works fine, but I can't get to it to toggle any toolbars (I tried changing the name to the name of a toolbar I wanted to toggle - I assume that's what i was supposed to do).

Thanks for the statusbar one, but I still can't get toolbars to toggle, although it's probably because I've done something wrong using the information you've given me. Any help, would again be greatly appreciated.


Any toolbar can be opened in one of several lister regions:[ol][li] STATE=top - At the top of the lister window this is the default region where toolbars are opened.[/li]
[li] STATE=bottom - Along the bottom edge of the lister window.[/li]
[li] STATE=left - Along the left edge of the lister window.[/li]
[li] STATE=right - Along the right edge of the lister window.[/li]
[li] STATE=tree - Between the Folder Tree and the left/top lister pane.[/li]
[li] STATE=viewpane - Between the right/bottom lister pane and the viewer pane. (Toggles ON along right edge of lister window if viewer pane in not open).[/li]
[li] STATE=center - Between the left/top and the right/bottom list panes of a dual lister. (Toggles ON along right edge of lister window if lister is single).[/li]
[li] STATE=float - The toolbar is floating (not attached to any lister).[/li][/ol]
Try this button:[ol][li] Copy the code below to your clipboard.[/li]
[li] Right-click any Opus toolbar and select Customize.[/li]
[li] Right-click on the desired toolbar/menu to add the button to, and select paste.[/li][/ol]<?xml version="1.0"?> <button display="both" effect="gray"> <guid>{D801F706-8ACF-40A2-B4E4-5790D42B8014}</guid> <label>Tabbar - Top</label> <tip>Toggle the Tabbar, OFF or ON along the top edge of the lister window</tip> <icon1>210</icon1> <function type="normal"> <instruction>Toolbar TOGGLE NAME=Tabbar STATE=top</instruction> </function> </button>
The button above toggles the default toolbar "Tabbar" along the top region of your lister Window. If you view it's code in the Command Editor, you will see:

Toolbar TOGGLE NAME=Tabbar STATE=top

You probably also needed to remove the LOCAL argument, like in Ken's example.

I used Toolbar NAME=Menu STATE=top TOGGLE LOCAL with a hotkey, but it aways puts the menu toolbar at the bottom of all existing other toolbars, when I want it as my very top toolbar. How can I toggle the menu toolbar to appear always at the top of all toolbars?