Hover & pause over folders to get folder size

Would it be possible to add an option for hover & pause over folders to get folder size?

Right now I am using the tooltip feature. The tooltip for folders: "{foldersize}", this calculates the hovered folder size fine. But I would like to not display a tooltip at all.

My idea was to check the "File types/Events" but there's no "hover & pause" event only clicks.

The tooltip is the only thing that hovering alone can trigger, at least currently. Letting that calculate the size will populate the file display column as well.

You can also use the GetSizes command via various other methods like hotkeys, toolbar buttons, middle double-click etc.

I use the tooltip feature right now and a hotkey "numpad 0" to get the folder sizes. This works fine, it would be useful to just hover with the mouse over folders too. And maybe a good idea to implement a new "hover & pause" event!? Maybe it could be used for some other tasks as well.

Thank you!

You can edit the tooltip so there's nothing in it but the size, if it's the additional information that bothers you.

Yes, I already did that, thank you! But I would like no tooltip at all, because it's not needed at all. The folder size is displayed already just an inch next to the tooltip: snapshot
But a simple "Calculate folder size on mouse hover & pause" option in Preferences would be perfect for me.