Hovering over folder does not refresh to show recently deleted files

I am using the mouse to hover over folders to see if they are empty or not.
But, when I purposely delete all the files in a folder the files still show up in the hover popup when I click the "Go Up" button to view the folder within the parent folder.
My steps:
-view folders
-double click on a folder to view contents of child folder
-delete all files in the child folder
-click on "Go Up" arrow
-hover over the folder where I just deleted all files
-observe that the hover popup still shows the files that I just deleted
If I navigate to a completely different folder and then come back then the folder contents appears correct when I hover over the folder.
It appears that the folder contents are not being refreshed when navigating to the parent folder.
Please let me know if there is a setting or procedure to guarantee correct information in the hover popup of folder contents.


If you edit the "Go Up" arrow and remove the BACK argument, it should work how you want.

e.g. It might run Go UP BACK USEQUALKEYS now, so change it to Go UP USEQUALKEYS.

Using UP and BACK together means it'll re-use a cached version of the directory listing if there is one, and that includes info-tip data if it was already generated.

(Alternatively, refresh via the F5 key after going up, which will also clear the cached folder size and info-tip information.)

Yes! It works perfectly now.
Thanks for your fast, intelligent response.