How add a directory to favorites

It seems that Directory Opus offers no advantages to the regular Windows Explorer. I'd like to add a particular directory to my favorites list. I've seen articles by Googling that somehow this may be possible in DO. However I don't have that icon available. Right clicking doesn't have that option and also under "Toolbars" Menu & OPerations are both checked but it doesn't apear.

In which obscure menu can I find the "make directory a favorite" option? Why is this so hard to do?

It's not hard at all. Click the icon which opens the Favorites menu. It is to the left of the path field in the default toolbars. The first item in the menu that opens will add the current folder to your favorites.

Thanks, I can see that now. One problem is that my DO v12 screen is very low contrast so the Favorites are really hidden.

Looks like all of your toolbar icons are barely visible. But those are not the default icons or colors so you must have configured that yourself? Either that or something very strange is happening with your graphics drivers or something else.

Yes I picked a very low contrast theme. I've gotten a new one now {NightOwl}.