How can a 64bit Win7 user evaluate Directory Opus?

I wish to evaluate Directory Opus 9. However I am running Windows 7, and the Windows 7 version is available only to registered users. The evaluation version available for download does not install under Win 7.

Is there any way out of this catch-22 situation (I am not going to buy without a trial run).

Thanks much... Paul

AFAIK you only have to be registered here at the forum to download the beta versions, so you should be able to download it and install it fine.

If not wait a little while and the beta will be turned into a stable version which anyone can download.

Well, I was about to post, but I see Leo beat me to it.
However I can add that you could also simply email GPsoft direct and request a Windows 7 evaluation copy.

Yes you only need to register for the forum to access the Illuminati versions - you can use these with an evaluation code just like the release version.

Thank you very much!!!