How can I change the default Backup-Filename?

How can I change the default Backup-Filename

Georg - Opus Konfiguration - 30-Sep-2017


Georg - Opus Konfiguration - 2017-09-30?

In Germany the the Date is! I want yyyy-mm-dd!

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If you use it a lot and want to fully automate it, try something like this:

Prefs BACKUP=all TO="/desktop\Georg - Opus Konfiguration - {date|YYYY-MM-dd}"
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I'm with Georg. It would be handy if the date in the GUI is in ISO format.
This has nothing to do with doing backups a lot or not. It has to do with a nice and clean file naming and with the order the files appear in the list. I know you can sort by date but the default sort column is name. It also makes the dates language independent. The date format that is used now is not even a common used one in my language (there should be no hyphens when you write the date as 01-okt-2017. The leading zero can also be skipped. As for myself, I don't even use my own language on the computer.

If there's a command-line option to specify the format of the date, then why nog in the GUI?

The default date format comes from your system settings (control panel).

Thanks! But why is there no point in the preferences to set the schema of the default name, if I want use the Backup and Restore Configuration tool?

I hope my English is good enough.

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The date format used in the GUI is not the format set in system settings.
Even if it was, I don't want to change my system setting to get the right format every time I do a backups.

You need to make a button

change the desktop to where you want the backup to go I made mine
Prefs BACKUP=all TO="/D:\My Documents\Dopus\Miked - Opus Config - {date|YYYY-MM-dd}"
When you click the button it automatically does a back up to that location.
Hope that helps

You're quite right, it actually was hardcoded to dd-MMM-yyyy. We must have overlooked that over the years as it doesn't really make sense.

In the next update:

  • I've changed the default to use yyyy-MM-dd so the filenames sort by date.

    (We normally use the system format, or the format override specified in Prefs/Misc/Advanced, but I think it makes sense to use something special here for better sorting, especially as it was already hardcoded to something unusual before.)

  • I've also made it so you can edit the menu item if you want to override the default config filename or date format, if you want something completely different. Previously, the TO argument was only considered for fully automated backups, but now it can be used to change the initial values of the Backup & Restore wizard.

    Prefs BACKUPRESTORE TO "Opus backup for %username% on {date|yyyy-MM-dd}"

    (Full paths work as well, but the dialog already remembers the last path you used normally.)

    (While I was there, I made it so the PASSWORD and DESC arguments also work to pre-supply a password or description to the wizard.)


Perfect. Thanks a lot ...