How can I do this?

I have the command-line driven defragmenting util called JKDefrag.

Currently I have this scortcut on my desktop :

"C:\Program Files\JKDefrag\JkDefrag.exe" -f 5 C:"

.... which will start defragmenting the C drive.

I would like to create a button that should pop up an input-box where I can, for example enter d

which would then run the process ""C:\Program Files\JKDefrag\JkDefrag.exe" -f 5 D:"

I tried for almost 3 hours, but it still isn't working. Any idea, how I can get this working using a button ?

TIA! :wink:


did you try this one (without the quotes)?

"C:\Program Files\JKDefrag\JkDefrag.exe" -f 5 {Rs}"

{Rs} will show an box where you can enter the drive letter (followed by ":", of course)

Thanks xbprm, this does exactly what I want ! Thanks a lot ! :smiley: