How can I find unique files

Sorry for a trivial(?) question....

Is there some simple way of comparing two directories (source and target) and to determine if there any UNIQUE files in the source directory -regardless of location?

I tried the Synchronize tool, but it showed me uniqe files that existed in different directories in the source vs target.


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Anybody Please?

All I want to know is if there are any unique (different) files in directory A vs directory B (regardless of where the files are located in subdirectories).


No guarantees here but off the top of my head I'd go about it like this using a few custom buttons and DOpus flat view.

Set up a dual lister with your source in one pane and the target in the other. Next one at a time, put both source and target in FLAT mode with this command:

Set FLATVIEW=MixedNoFolders

Then select all the files in the source pane and run the following command to select the same files in the target pane.


Next make the target pane active and invert the selection so only non matching target files are selected with this command:


And finally run this command on the target pane to hide everything that has a match in your original source pane.


Which should leave only the orphans visible in the target pane.

I haven't extensively tested this, but it does appear to work even when the file paths to the files are not identical. It does not seem to work on hidden/system files however but it might give you a start.

Thank you for the suggestion. I guess that I need to study the help file to figure out how to execute the commands mentioned... Is there a script window where they could be executed?

Checkout the Toolbar Editing video tutorial if you want a quick-start:

[Toolbar Editing (video tutorial))

As discussed in a separate thread, the SOURCTODEST only checks file names. I need to make sure that the files are truly identical (e.g. checksum or at least name and filesize)

Is there some way of selecting true duplicates (not just by name) and then invert as you suggested above?


You can use the Compare clause in the advanced selection filter to compare files in the source/dest based on date and/or size.

Just attaching a screenshot so you know what to look for. Click the Select button and then click Advanced to get this dialog:

The only problem I see with the compare clause is it apparently does not work past the first directory level when both the source and destination are in flat view. I think viking wants something across the board because his files are scattered in different places between the two machines.

So in this particular situation I think I'd try to find the files with a date filter only. For example say I left home with my laptop on December 1, 2005 and just today got back again. With Opus in my laptop files folder I'd use the utility find panel and create a filter like the one below.

The results would be all the files I'd changed since on or after December 1, 2005. Since I had been gone all that time I'd know those files were newer than the desktop equivalents so it would only be a matter of copying those files to the appropriate locations in the desktop.

Encountered this issue again recently. Has any solution been found to this?

Other threads Identifying UNIQUE set of files Is it possible to find unique (NON-duplicated) files? also don't seem to have any

You will probably need a script.

What I do is make a copy of the 2 folders that I want to find unique files in then use the Find Duplicate Files (filename), show results in new tab, select all then use Delete REMOVECOLLECTION. What is left in the 2 folders are the unique files in each.

Paid software: Duplicate Cleaner Pro 5

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Free Software : Voidtools Everything (which can be used inside DOpus as well)
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