How can I get DO to use custom icons

I installed Stardock and had custom icons viewable while using explorer. DO seems to use the default XP icons.

How can I get DO to use the custom icons?

Apparently most icon-replacement programs only change the icons in Explorer (and the file-open dialogs, which are really part of Explorer as well).

There is at least one tool that does work on Opus as well, though. A tool called Icon Packager was mentioned recently: ... lder+icons

Opus uses a standard Windows API to get the icons. It seems that the patching programs are specifically targeting explorer.exe, rather than patching the whole operating system, which is why you need one like Icon Packager which can be told to target dopus.exe as well.

While I don't use the skinning apps like the Stardock stuff and StyleXP etc etc... I do know that IconPackager is indeed a Stardock app. So, the thread Nudel pointed you to should do the trick as I believe all of the progressively larger Stardock 'bundles' just add-on more and more of their inidivdual products...