How can I make a context Menu "open with" as a DOpus menu?

Dear all,

[b]I want to do this:

  • context menu of type "Direcotry Opus" for all files
  • functionality like "open with ..." shell context menu[/b]

I've tried "ContextMenu ID 97" (I took the 97 from SHOWCMD output for open with).
Bit this opens the selected file(s) with their standard application, it

I want to run DOpus with the "Windows Integration" option "Do no show shell context menus" and I do not like clicking the shift-key when right-clicking to get "open with".

I would bei happy if anyone could advise me how to do that. I've studied the posts I've found explaining how Windows defines the open with context menu in the registry. But this does not solve my "problem".

Thanks in advance for any advice,


I think you just need to add a context menu item which runs FileType OPENWITHMENU and Opus will insert the Open With menu in its place in the real menu, even if Windows items on context menus are turned off.

Hi Leo,

thanks, it works, I'm happy! :thumbsup:

May I ask annother question: in the DOpus help there is no detailled information for all the commands and parametrs, reference is made to this support forum.
Isn't there at least a complete reference with all commands & parameters and a brief explanation? E.g. search for "OPENWITHMENU" returns no results.

br, Burke

Not sure what you mean there. For example: ... ommand.htm

yes, thats what I was looking for, many thanks

@Leo I'm struggling getting this to work. Managed to make a normal toolbar button that I've called "Open With", which shows alternatives for any selected file in the lister ... Alas, what I really want is to have a context menu item for this. One that at least works the same as Explorer's ditto – but it would be extra nice if I could somehow control and edit which apps opens which files in this context menu item.

So you want something entirely custom, rather than what's in the Windows Open-With menu? Or am I misunderstanding?

Well, that would be the greatest of all (i.e. an "Open With" context menu that lets you fully customize available apps per specific filetypes) ... but a mirror of the "Open With" item Explorer provides would do :slight_smile:

The Explorer Open With menu is there by default, unless you've hidden Windows items on context menus. If you've hidden them but want just that menu back, you can add FileType OPENWITHMENU to the context menu to force it into the menu even when hiding things.

If you want menu or sub-menu items that send the right-clicked file to certain programs, completely custom and separate from the Open With menu, you can do that easily by adding menu items which do that for each program.

The command to open something in another program is usually like this:

"C:\Program Files\Program Name\Program.exe" {filepath}

Exact details can depend on the program, but that works with most.

You can add things to either the All Files context menu, or to the menus for specific file types if you only want them for some files and not others. (There's also All Files And Folders, if it's something that can work on a folder as well, although most programs need a file path.)

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