How can I make Dopus only ever have one instance open?


I have thoroughly searched the forums and found the following topics covering the matter. ... ance+dopus ... highlight=

[Open associated files in a new tab instead of a new window) ... ance+dopus

However neither seems to answer the question correctly.. or cover it in a simple method.
All I want is to lock Dopus in a way that no matter what folder i click to open..
it will bring up the already live instance of Dopus an view that folder in a new tab.
The same way firefox handles a website link.
Dopus is such a versatile app and I would think this would be a feature of it.
Or at least one that can be enabled in an easy way.

Thank you.

There's a FAQ which should answer the question:

[Always re-use a single window instead of opening new windows)

Thank you man.
There is so many options in Dopus that someone like me been new to it can simply
get lost in the preference area.

It really was a simple thing.