How can I shutdown the Windows Explorer Replacement?

Hi, current version of my Directory Opus is under Windows 7 RTM build 7600/x86. Here comes a usage trouble after installing this software. How can I shutdown the Windows Explorer Replacement in this version? It is because there is no any configuration items regarding this feature, and Directory Opus initiates this option by default. Thanks very much!


Fixed in Opus

Old/original reply:

Right now (Opus Explorer Replacement doesn't work properly in Windows 7 so the options to turn it on and off are hidden.

Unfortunately, if you import a configuration from another machine where Explorer Replacement is on, you'll end up with it on in Windows 7 as well, and still have no way to turn it off in Preferences.

GPSoftware are working on a free update which will make Explorer Replacement work properly on Windows 7 and restore the preferences options.

Until then, if you're confident using RegEdit, you can manually disable Explorer Replacement by editing the registry:
[ul][li]How to manually remove Explorer Replacement settings.[/li][/ul]

If you're not confident using RegEdit, shout. I could probably create a script which makes the changes for you.