How can I view DBF files/tables in the viewer pane?

I cannot seem to be able to view DBFs in anything except Hex mode. I have pdqvp.dll in the viewers folder but I still cannot view DBFs in a row/column format. Any suggestions would be much appreciated because for me this would mean the difference between DO being a "must-have" and an "also-ran" !

pdqvp.dll is a very old plugin that was replaced back in Opus 8.1 by multiview.dll.

If you have pdqvp.dll you should probably delete it in case it conflicts with the newer version.

multiview.dll should have come with Opus and doesn't need to be downloaded or installed. It does, however, need to be configured before it will work. You have tell it where the QuickView DLLs are or else it won't do anything.

(To configure a plugin, go to Settings - Preferences - Plugins - Viewers, select the plugin and click Configure.)

The QuickView DLLs do not come with Opus but you can get them free with things like Yahoo Desktop, as explained here.

I don't know much about DBF files but try dropping one on Internet Explorer. If IE can view the files then you don't need to mess around with the MultiView plugin at all. If that's the case let me know and I'll explain how to make Opus view them.